• 1/2 yards
  • 1 yard
  • 2 yards
  • 3 yards - planning to use for quilt backing
  • What size quilt, If I bought for a back, I would have purchased 5 years minimum - which is why I am asking... - aviva_hadas (Amy)
  • Oh I always mix and match on my back, so I'm not sure what size but I'll use it and incorporate other prints/solids as well. :)

Denyse Schmidt Picnic and Fairgrounds

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I am giddy. Giddy I tell you. I am almost glad this fabric wasn't announced months ahead of time because I would not have been able to handle the wait. The tiles - perfect!! Very very happy. Even the ladies at JoAnns were saying "wow, this feels really nice!"

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  1. Darci - Stitches&Scissors 47 months ago | reply

    YAY so glad that you finally got some!

  2. Fresh Lemons : Faith 47 months ago | reply

    So are my kids! LOL They were little troopers and rewarded with a happy meal.

  3. Erin - TwoMoreSeconds 47 months ago | reply

    I was just going to say the same thing - you finally got your hands on it! ;]

  4. Fresh Lemons : Faith 47 months ago | reply

    Isn't funny that it feels like "finally" after 3 days of knowing it existed. Boy am I spoiled. :-)

  5. imalisawork 47 months ago | reply

    Faith did they have the big red plaid print?

  6. imalisawork 47 months ago | reply

    oh you are killing me... I'm soooo close but it will have to wait until tomorrow.

  7. Fresh Lemons : Faith 47 months ago | reply

    I wish I would have known you were after that one - I would have bought it for you and brought it over!

    Also, they *may* not be back in the right spot. I'd say it's a 50/50 chance. They cutting ladies didn't know they all went together (although I did tell them) so who knows if they ended up back under the DS sign. If you don't see it there, check the reds.

  8. imalisawork 47 months ago | reply

    oh that is ok... i do need to see it in person actually before i buy it. i am envisioning a table cloth but i need to make sure it is the right red. so i either need 3 yards or zero yards - ha!

  9. kmdegroot 47 months ago | reply

    I agree, I like the surprise!

  10. lavender1253 47 months ago | reply

    I'm so glad to hear that apparently this line will be available to us here in Australia mid-May through Spotlight stores- they're getting some really cool quilting fabrics lately. (I ordered a small stash through Etsy at a very reasonable price before I knew this but we can never have too much fabric right?)

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