Kodak Duaflex IV with film
One of my projects for this year is to test some of my vintage cameras. This photo was taken with Kodak Duaflex IV camera and Kodak E100G 120 film (converted to b&w here due to overexposure). You can see the camera in the middle here. It is my favourite camera for TtV photography and one of three models that I have. This is the first time I have used it with film. It is a very basic camera with the exposure time slider being the only control ("I" for instant and "L" for long exposure). I modified the 120 film spool using Dirk's technique, which cleverly avoids the risks of re-spooling the film twice onto 620 spools that the camera takes. Somewhat surprisingly the camera didn't have any light leaks but most of my photos were overexposed for reasons I don't fully understand. I used a film that was still one year away from expiring but it did have a dubious storage history.
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