Concealed mother

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    Cabinet card. A personal favourite.

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    1. vivienne_strauss 50 months ago | reply

      :D I first read it as "congealed".

    2. Mrs Inman 50 months ago | reply

      I wonder if photographers really thought covering mothers with blankets really worked to blend them in with the scenery. I love these photos!

    3. Crafty Dogma 50 months ago | reply

      Vivienne: Ha! Ha! Your eyes are as bad as mine!

      MrsInman: I just hope that she didn't suffocate!

    4. vivienne_strauss 50 months ago | reply

      mine are getting worse every day it seems. The more I look at this, the more odd it becomes, I mean is the tapestry really supposed to look like part of the nature scene ?

    5. Rita was here... 50 months ago | reply

      That's no concealment, that's a smothering. A mother smother.

    6. -Snapatorium- [deleted] 50 months ago | reply

      This is really weird, A. I can understand a hidden mother with a baby, but this kid is old enough to pose by herself. Great find!

    7. Crafty Dogma 50 months ago | reply

      Vivienne: I don't think that the tapestry was meant to blend in. I have many photos with mothers draped in this kind of blanket. I think that these were just popular patterns and styles for that time.

      RitaEAG: Good one!

      -Snapatorium-: I thought so too. The little girl looks as tense as I do at the dentist's.

    8. The hills are alive* 50 months ago | reply

      Why were all these moms such forbidden fruit? It is extraordinary the lengths they went to *not* to be in the pix. And why not stand just outside the picture frame? I feel there is part of the story we just don't grasp.... Sooooooo weird.

    9. rkeim38 50 months ago | reply

      you should submit this to "Hidden Mother: tintypes and Cabinets"
      Group Page HERE

    10. Crafty Dogma 50 months ago | reply

      Caroline: There is definitely a research project here for someone. Maybe the little girl was afraid of having her head propped by the headrest (the base of the stand is visible in the photo) or maybe she had separation anxiety from her mother.

      rkeim38: Thanks. I might do that later. I still have a few of my own images on the front page of the group so I'm waiting for others to add their photos first.

    11. bats... 50 months ago | reply

      Mother must have been really ugly for them to have thrown a rug over her.

    12. Crafty Dogma 50 months ago | reply

      Or maybe she was so beautiful that the photographer couldn't concentrate. :-)

    13. Vintage America 49 months ago | reply

      What an interesting image.

    14. MaybeImAghost 48 months ago | reply

      Why is there a stand behind her?

    15. Crafty Dogma 48 months ago | reply

      Vintage America: glad you like it.

      MaybeImAghost: it's the photographer's head clamp for keeping the head still during the longish exposures they used back then.

    16. cndparker 40 months ago | reply

      Laughing out loud at this one!

    17. Despo Pasia 21 months ago | reply

      Hello, I have run into your 'concealed parents' album. I am an MA student in Museum Studies, Leicester, currently writing my Thesis on studio photographic portaits made in Nicosia, Cyprus in the 20th c. I would like to use some of your examples, given you can provide me with a permit to do so.
      Thanks for you time, hope to hear from you soon,
      Despo P.

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