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    Not often I put up a second shot of the same subject, but I thought it was different enough to get away with.

    I would love one of these statues in our garden, not even fussed about which one as I like them all!

    Reckon I could get the film crew to make a slight diversion up the hill with their JCB, think it might cause a bit of a stir in Castlerock LOL.

    I have decided come what may, I am going to be at the filming as I am intrigued with what they are going to do with the statues.

    They have put up spaced out posts (with gas lines running to each post) into what will be the sea as I know it will be an ebb tide when they are filming.

    I also know the backs come off the statues and they have all kinds of electrical stuff in them (yeah I know, I am very nosy!!).

    Visions of them in the sea with them ablaze!!

    Will have to watch the filming to see if I am right and give away all the secrets for the next series!!!

    Link to a piece done by the BBC

    and by the Belfast Newsletter cause_a_stir...

    Link to UTV article

    Link to Coleraine Today article



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    1. *Psycho Delia* 33 months ago | reply

      I love this one as well..

    2. crafty1tutu (Ann) 33 months ago | reply

      They are impressive looking statues even now Amanda - I can't imagine how they will look during the filming.

    3. Greta ~adores~ Pink~~~~ 33 months ago | reply

      Wonderful and very impressive indeed!!

    4. david gutierrez [ ] 33 months ago | reply

      fantastic the detail and light,excelent capture!

    5. NathPR 33 months ago | reply

      too bad these are all going to be BURNED...yeah, shame, huh?! this is the scene (book 2) where melisandre has lord stannis baratheon burning the status of the 7 gods and renouncing to his religion... great shot, i would LOVE to watch a filming of game of thrones!

    6. buggybill2003 33 months ago | reply

      How about a fire damage sale ??? maybe they`d sell you the

    7. castillerozaldívar 33 months ago | reply

      I love this excellent Shot Amanda. Beautiful and great.
      My bests regards from Spain. Be Happy my friend

    8. anacronite 33 months ago | reply

      only put up one shot of this? we need many more, from 100's of angles!!!!!!

    9. southwest girl 33 months ago | reply

      i think they are is this image against that beautiful blue sky...great detail, texutres, and focus and brilliant compo too. always so good to see you posting amanda...i hope you make it to the filming and document it for us as best you can.

    10. Cuddly Nutter 33 months ago | reply

      I have a feeling the statues represent the Seven (the Westerosi 'New Gods'), and they will be burned, therefore the location in Game of Thrones will be on Dragonstone, in a chapter early on in A Clash of Kings. Game of Thrones = Best TV show. Ever.

      - Your loving newphew, who has managed to log in to your husband's account :) xxx

    11. Cuddly Nutter 33 months ago | reply

      I have now changed my passwords, for Redux too !!

    12. Twin Peaks [deleted] 33 months ago | reply

      read the books, watched the tv and now I can see the props.

    13. Simon Crubellier 33 months ago | reply

      Nice - heading to Downhill for the first time in a year next week, I hope they're still there!

    14. bmoneysham 32 months ago | reply

      great pix very well done

    15. ​favourite waste of time​ 30 months ago | reply

      can't believe I missed the fuss - I love this series...

    16. billynom 30 months ago | reply

      What a cracking image

    17. ABERLIN2009 21 months ago | reply

      Big WOW,,
      What an incredible capture !!!

    18. Joyce 777 13 months ago | reply

      Thanks for taking these amazing photos.

    19. FERRY J@NSEN (off and on) 4 weeks ago | reply

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