BQIT (Bristol Quantum Information Technologies Workshop) is a venture by the University of Bristol’s QET Labs (Quantum Engineering Technology Labs), whose aim is to deliver a radically new generation of machines that exploit quantum physics to transform our lives, society and economy. QET Labs is a global centre for research, development and entrepreneurship in the emerging quantum technology industry, an international node for collaboration with industrial and academic world leaders, and the EPSRC UK Quantum Technology Hub Network.

This year we hosted talks in areas ranging from entanglement foundations and quantum theory through platforms in ions, solid state, hybrid systems and integrated quantum photonics to technology challenges of scaling up and applications to quantum communications, metrology, and information processing. An industry focused session with panel discussion and future EU flagship funding opportunities completed our wide ranging programme.

We sincerely hope you enjoyed your time with us in Bristol and hope to see you back at next year’s workshop.
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