Eastern Sierra & Mono Lake
Before moving to Minnesota, Lisa, Milo and I traveled to California and up the Eastern side of the Sierra Nevada to Mono Lake. It was a pilgrimage for me, doubly so since I hadn't been to Mono since 1995. Much had changed, much hadn't, and much that had changed was good. The highlight of the trip for me was seeing Lee Vining Creek flowing into Mono Lake. Throughout the 80's and 90's when I visited frequently, there were no streams flowing into the lake; they were all diverted into the Los Angeles Aqueduct. Thanks to the 1994 California State Water Board decision, the streams that were once 100% diverted, are now by mandate flowing into the lake. Currently, (2015), California is in the 4th year of a scorching drought and the lake level is down from where it has been, but stream flows being mandated, LA has to allow them to flow into the lake. If the drought gets worse, diversions to LA will have to stop altogether. An unbelievable victory for the lake, and all who depend on it.
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