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crack head - detail

So... almost 6 years on flickr and this is probably the first real self portrait I have shot and uploaded without having mangled myself beyond recognition.

The concept for this came about through me wanting to visually express the pressures most of us feel that work a full time job and try and fit in as much creativity in the few hours inbetween. I wish I could do this kind of stuff for a living... The other angle on this is that I read a post by a fellow shooter here on flickr that stated that photoshop can often be the destroyer of photographs. I actually agreed with him on this point as I often see work that I think "man, that's had the nuts PSd of it and I would much rather prefer seeing the real photograph. One of those weirds moments in life where I realised that I'm probably more guilty of PS crimes than most people on here. As a result I wanted to dial this right back to the essence of what the concept is about - keep it straight up and let the editing merely act as a vehicle to get the concept across. It was soooo hard to not take this further and spend another 6 hours in PS blowing myself to bits and going way ott.

Is this the sign of a new style for CG? Hell now, I love the insane side of life far too much!


I hate how flickr applied compression to our uploads these days, and wanted to share a large view - do have a look at the original size, but please no theft of my work. Otherwise I'll have to send the lads round, and they're all skinheads too... lol. ;o)


Oh, and just in case... No, I'm not a crack addict in real life.


Thanks for your continued support and stopping by to check out my work - love this place!


Technical data:

Camera body: Canon 5DMkII

Lens: Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM

focal length: 32mm

Shutter speed: 1/125th sec

Aperture: f/7.1

ISO: 100



Interfit EXD200 - camera left, through softbox

Interfit EXD200 - camera right, bounced back through umbrella

Crappy white card as a reflector to fill in my jowly chin!

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Taken on February 27, 2012