Home & Office Upholstery Freshens up the Esposito Family Couch
In the summer of 2010, a couch purchased by my mother and father in 1956 received its fourth covering. The latest incarnation is the work of Paul Raymond of Home and Office Upholstery, 2307 Atwood Avenue, Madison, Wisconsin.

The couch is constructed of thick ash or white oak, not plywood or particleboard as is often found today in cheap furniture. The joints are fastened with dowels and high-quality glue, not butted together and screwed or stapled.

This couch has already lasted 2 1/2 generations and 54 years. A new couch made like this will cost several thousand dollars. A cheap couch, maybe $600. BUT---- then you wind up replacing it every five years, and the old couch winds up in the landfill.
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