Malthusian Paradox
The Malthusian Paradox is a free to experience transmedia narrative or ARG (Alternate Reality Game), experienced online and in real life between 15th October and 16th December 2012.

The story played out across the East Midlands and as part of the GameCity7 festival. With over 500 live events and interventions taking place in Nottingham, Leicester, Derby and Sleaford.

The game started with our first live event "Whose Holy Grail? - A lecture by Dr Solomon Baxter" on the 15th October. Halfway through the lecture, 3 armed men burst in assaulted and then abducted Dr Baxter in front of an unsuspecting live audience.

Dr Solomon's estranged daughter, Rachel Baxter, was also in the audience and makes herself known by having a row with our other main character, Alex Bailey, in full view of the audience. She reveals that her farther left her an envelope containing a number of clues before his sudden abduction. At this point the audience members are all given an envelope identical to Rachel's and encouraged to join AMBER and the game begins...
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