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    This half inch long sea spider is an amazing form of life. It has no lungs or gills, transmitting gasses directly through it's slender exoskeleton. The digestive tract extends down it's legs and is clearly visible here as snaky, colored tubes inside the transparent exoskeleton.

    This specimen is on fire coral in 30 feet of water in Grand Cayman.

    Sea Spiders are found in all oceans and at least one species can get up to 2 feet long in some deep sea areas.

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    1. dbuk2 86 months ago | reply

      Great shot !!!

    2. uva98 85 months ago | reply

      i didn't know there where sea spiders, and this one looks so cool, does it bite and has venom? Hope not!!!

    3. BaubCat 81 months ago | reply

      Wow, that is very cool.

    4. Islam=Way of Life 76 months ago | reply

      that 1 is an amazing shot my friend, congrats :D

    5. sethrd86 [deleted] 74 months ago | reply

      2 feet long? Hell, I also needed a change of underwear after looking at this 1/2" specimen!

    6. emadghazal 74 months ago | reply

      Very nice shot, lovely

    7. high5ivan 74 months ago | reply

      Jeez luis, those are nasty

    8. tastyteacup 74 months ago | reply

      They will often insert their proboscis, a long appendage used for digestion and sucking food into its gut, into a sea anemone and suck out nourishment. The sea anemone, large in comparison to its predator, almost always survives this ordeal. --Wikipedia


    9. guzi4real 74 months ago | reply

      great photo, great info, thanks for sharing!

    10. raincoaster 74 months ago | reply

      I had a boyfriend whose digestive tract extended down his legs. Or so you'd think, from the amount he ate.

    11. 74 months ago | reply

      Seven legs? Looks like somebody tried to make a meal of him.

    12. Io Armienne [deleted] 74 months ago | reply

      I wonder what diversity of life we have.

    13. 7ylerStrause 74 months ago | reply

      Great shot, impressive find.

    14. yacinebouatrous 74 months ago | reply

      bookmarket on :

      Great picture!!

    15. monkeyflowers 51 months ago | reply

      It sorta gives me the heebie jeebies but I like it.

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