Nebraska County Courthouses
Nebraska is a wonderful state for excellent courthouse architecture with many Victorian Romanesque and Beaux Arts masterpieces. It is one of my favorite states in the union, and, as of July 16, 2008, I have visited all 93 of Nebraska's counties. The Douglas County Courthouse at Omaha was my final courthouse to visit.

I have particularly liked seeing the Panhandle, the Sand Hills, and the Czech counties of the southeast of the state where the towns are very small and the people are reserved yet friendly. The Cornhusker State is know for some of its tiny sites, including a few unique courthouse and county seat records. For example, one of the smallest county courthouses in the country is the former Arthur County Courthouse in Arthur. And, one of the smallest county seats in the country is the town of Brewster in Blaine County.

I hope you enjoy this and other of my county courthouse sets. These photographs are placed in alphabetical order based on the name of the county which the courthouse represents starting with Adams County and ending with York County. The map at the end of the set shows you which counties I have visited.
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