Hall County Courthouse (Grand Island, Nebraska)

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    This is one of my favorite courthouses in Nebraska. It was built in 1902 and holds a very interesting location on a corner in the down town. Thomas Rogers Kimball was the architect.

    While in the Grand Island area I picked up a great oldies radio station that was very similar to my favorite station in Lubbock. Needless to say I was on cloud nine in Central Nebraska.

    Click here to see the county's Civil War monument:

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    1. Seth Gaines ages ago | reply

      Oh, the Lubbock station! I remember that one. Glad they're still around. Up here I've gone through a few. Buffalo had an excellent high power station that switched to really shitty B-list talk 2 years ago. Sometimes I can get a station from Toronto, but they play a lot of easy listening in the mix.

    2. courthouselover ages ago | reply

      Yeah, did you listen to Kool 98? That's just about all I will listen to in town. If we didn't have a good one it would be sacrilege, you know because we're Buddy Holly's home town. I love our local oldies station; glad you liked it too.

    3. Seth Gaines ages ago | reply

      I listened to it when I was in North TX. You could get it for quite a ways at night. You have one of the best stations left. New Orleans had a good one, and I found another one in NC (from Charlotte, maybe?).

    4. courthouselover ages ago | reply

      Omaha has a good one too (99.9 KGOR), and Des Moines (93.3 KIOA), and Wichita also with 103.7 KBYN. When I find a good oldies station out of town I try to write it down in case I pass through again. Amarillo's isn't bad either (100.9 the eagle); I love that one. You can get it all the way into southwestern Kansas. Little Rock has one that you can get almost anywhere in Arkansas except near the edges of the state, and Tulsa has a great one too. One of my very favorites is 98.7 KLUV in Dallas. I always listen to that one in the Metroplex. I really haven't had too hard of a time finding good stations on my trips unless I'm in the boonies and can only get country music.

    5. jniclo1966 ages ago | reply

      It looks angled similar to the Stafford county courthouse in St John Kansas. I listened to 103.7 KBYN while I was in Wichita also. We have a coulpe of pretty good classic rock stations in our area. Big dog 97.9 in Joplin And B-100 in Pittsburg. I listen to cds more in the car than radio.

    6. courthouselover ages ago | reply

      I probably listed to those but I don't remember. I couldn't get one in that area that lasted a long time. In Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Texas the broadcasting areas are so large I can usually keep a station for at least ten or twenty counties but in southeast Kansas and Missouri my finger was always at the seek button.

      I always listen to the radio on courthouse trips. I think it's fun to hear the way other people talk, find out ways to pronounce the names of towns, and listen to a variety of music (by variety I mean only oldies but different singers).

      I didn't mention Clovis; it has a good station too (101.5).

    7. Dempster Lane ages ago | reply

      You guys have more patience than I. Since the only decent oldies are on FM, I don't even bother. As soon as I find a decent station, it's gone, it seems. I seldom am able to carry an FM station as far as what you are talking about, Jordan. When satellite radio hit the market, I signed up with Sirius and later, XM as well. Besides music, I listen to a lot of talk and news shows on Public Radio (NPR, PRI, APR, BBC, CBC) and sports. But as you say, it really is fun to find a local station station and learn about local culture. I recall a station in Lousiana that was broadcast in Cajun French. And some of the best jammin' music you can imagine was from a church in Jackson, MS on a Sunday morning. Aretha, Sam and James sang a whole lotta gospel before they hit the big time, ya know.

    8. courthouselover ages ago | reply

      Some of the most interesting radio stations I have heard were those in Louisiana and New Mexico. I listened to quite a few French stations in southern Louisiana (some of the music wasn't bad and the news was interesting to hear in another language). It's also very interesting to read the French Papers in Lafayette. And in the four corners region of New Mexico you get a few Navajo stations (those I could not understand-they have a unique sound).

    9. Dempster Lane ages ago | reply

      I've heard the Navajo stations. As you might know, in WWII, Navajo people were used by our armed forces to encode messages in the Pacific Theatre. The Japanese were never able to decipher any of it.

    10. kswx_29 ages ago | reply

      That courthouse looks so cool, and it is neat that is is located on the corner like that.

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