Aida Batlle Tour 2011
This Into can be short and sweet.

Since 2004, Finca Mauritania and pretty much any project Aida Batlle touches has been among the highlights of my personal coffee career and highlights for Counter Culture as a whole.

In the past, we have always been awestruck at the attention to detail Aida has in her picking. "Ripest coffee I have ever seen," is a common phrase from everyone that has been to her farms, or even just has seen photos from her farms. I think last year her ripe average was 97.2 percent or something crazy like that ... and, yes, she is that meticulous to know that information, as well.

This year, while still being awestruck at the ripeness selection, the new title for the coffee is "most experimental." Aida has taken her drive and put it full force into making her process better, using concepts and ideas from around the world to accentuate the character of her coffees. This type of willingness to keep perfecting the process, every year to such an extent, is one of a kind.

And, of course, that applies to Aida herself.
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