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Sundown | by John Cothron
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Sunsets probably aren't the best subject to shoot with black and white film unless you have some very distinct clouds, but when you want to play you play with what's available.


I mis-stated previously, the Minnehaha Falls shot I posted in black and white would have been the second roll of Fuji Neopan Acros I used. The roll used on this shot is the first. It does have a larger variety of gray tones so for that reason I like this one better.. at least in terms of evaluating the film.


Tony you asked how I felt shooting film vs. digital since I've started using some film again. That's a tough question. They are two distinct styles of shooting...even the technique. With digital I'm looking to compose, but then capture all the information I can with the sensor. The "processing" brings the scene back to what you see when you were actually shooting least as close as is possible. With film, those decisions have to be made on the spot.


Having said that, I'm having a very good time with film. It has a different feel and frankly one that I've missed. I do not plan on getting rid of my digital equipment anytime soon however. :) These days the biggest drawback with film is getting your results into a digital format. It is an imperfect science at best when compared to capturing the scene digitally.


Please view on BLACK.



Camera: RZ67 Pro II

Exposure: 0.7 sec at f/22, ISO 100

Lens: Sekor Z 50mm f4.5W

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Taken on December 7, 2012