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    We played the german boardgame "Finstere Flure" (something like "gloomy corridors") from Friedemann Friese. - A favorite game for me. - It has the important balance between luck, strategy and simply some exciting ideas that make a good game...

    In the center is the monster that tries to catch us all... - we have these little round stones that try to hide and come through to the exit...

    It's really nothing for small children but for grown-ups that want to practice mental fitness and share some funny hours together...

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    1. cosmonautirussi 97 months ago | reply

      ah... regarding the tag "finstereflure" - the international translation seems to be "Fearsome Floors" - which makes sense because of the 2F in the title that Friedemann Friese likes to use for his games...

    2. EtterVor 97 months ago | reply

      I'm not familiar with this game, but I do like this photograph. Eerie lighting.

    3. benjamalte 97 months ago | reply

      Wow, das war ebstimmt ein netter Spieleabend! haste das mit nem Stativ gemacht? Schöne warme Stimmung im Bild.

    4. Edyta @}'----- 97 months ago | reply

      the game the way you described it sound very interesting... fit for long winter evenings

    5. maANgo photography (just married :o) ) 97 months ago | reply

      ...great composition and lovely light !!!

    6. cosmonautirussi 97 months ago | reply

      Hello Ettvor, thanks for the comment about the atmosphere... - I think I've seen some passionate chess-players on your photostream :)

      Benjamalte, War gut! :) ... Ich hab in letzter Zeit viel zu wenig gespielt... - Aber heute haben wir ja wieder Wochenende ;) - Stativ hab ich nicht dabei gehabt, so weit ich mich erinnere hat die Beleuchtung für eine ruhige Hand ausgereicht ;) (Ist nach Kameramaßstäben wohl auch eher unterbelichtet ;) )

      homesick^alien, playing boardgames in winter evenings can indeed be very nice... But I can't deny that I look forward to spring now ;)

      Thank you for that statement, mystigo!

    7. yufen* [deleted] 97 months ago | reply

      But I see neither beacon fire nor ferocious warfare but only the cozy ambience, snug and warm, bathing in the soft flickrs of candlelight glancing on a room of cheerfulness...

    8. Chris_ti_ane 97 months ago | reply

      Tolles Foto. Die Atmosphäre und dieses gemütliche Licht gefallen mir!

    9. cosmonautirussi 97 months ago | reply

      Yu-Fen... That is a paradoxon, indeed! ;)
      chris_ti_ane, Dank Dir! ;)

    10. yufen* [deleted] 97 months ago | reply

      Ah ah ah.... I see you've uploaded more FASCINATING photos!! WOW!!! Please allow me some time. I do want to comment on them!!!! Congrats on your beautiful results!!!!!!

    11. cosmonautirussi 97 months ago | reply

      Thank you, Yu-Fen... Please enjoy watching them at any time! ... :)

    12. theresareed 97 months ago | reply

      wow, das ist extrem scharf für ein nicht-geblitztes photo! :)

      weiter so!

    13. Zephyr ... sKy's nOt tHe LiMit nO MoRe ! [deleted] 85 months ago | reply

      Wow I love board games!!! The ambient looks really nice.

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