Şehitlik-Moschee Berlin

The islamic cemetery in Berlin around this mosque is the oldest in Germany.


The photo here is my first replacement. I adjusted the angle and made the colours look brighter more than one year after uploading the orignal. - This photo is so far one of my most constant pictures on Explore/Interestingness. - Thanks a lot for you interest!


You can find more informations and some other photos on these websites:

German Wikipedia about the cemetery

German Wikipedia about the Mosque on the cemetery


Wikimedia-Commons: Photopage of that cemetery.

  • yufen* 7y

    It was on Explore?! Great! This is a beautiful shot!! I've never seen an Islamic cemetery. This one looks quite tall and huge unlike those I had seen formerly in the other parts of the world. I can't tell how big it is. Maybe it's a bit like Hagia Sophia in Istanbul..? Those two pointed roofs are interesting. I guess that's one of the characteristics of a Mosque?

    I like how the snow paved on the branches and on the gravestones.... Sad but beautiful.... I wonder what the color of the dome is? Not green? Can't tell from this shot...

    Thanks for sharing this. Cosmo.

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  • ret_nos 7y

    The artistic branches and the classical nuance reminds me of Pissarro's paintings. Beautiful!
    Your Image Truly Is:

    Better Than Good
  • cosmonautirussi 7y

    Thank you all for your visits, comments and nice words!

    This is in fact one of my most constant pictures on Explore/Interestingness here on Flickr. - It has been one of the very first images that I uploaded. In that time I tried out what Flickr is and how it could be useful for me. - After uploading the original camera photo I sometimes regretted the dimmed light of the shot and only some other little things. - While the atmosphere of the original image is great and full of details if you look at it in its full size, it does look, well, dimmed between lots of well adjusted images in the photo groups.

    I noticed that several muslims from all over the world took a look at this shot. And it may seem exotic to them, as it is perhaps here still around.

    I decided to reupload an softly edited version. - However: The original is still available:
    Şehitlik-Moschee Berlin You can watch it mid-size, full-size and original.

    The rights lay by me. But it is published under the same Creative Commons-License as this picture is.

    Thanks again for your visits!
  • Jose Ferreira Jr. PRO 7y

    WOW, this photo is AMAZING!
    Your photo deserves double the EXCELLENCE!!!

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  • Armagan Orki 7y

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  • Flipkeat PRO 7y

    Wonderful shot..Great to see.
    Thanks for sharing with us: Günün En İyisi - The Best of Day (Post 1 - Comment 3)

    Günün En İyisi - The Best of Day
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  • yufen* 7y

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  • bound_4_freedom 7y

    Beautiful. I really like the framed one, as well.
  • Edyta @}'----- 7y

    it is a lovely shot
  • dibec 7y

    That is really beautiful. Really captures the moment. Just a great image, comp, color and mood. Well done.
  • wheely jojo 7y

    awesome contrast between Northern Europe with snow,
    and the mosque.
  • Zephyr ... sKy's nOt tHe LiMit nO MoRe ! 7y

    As Wheely said, nice contrast.

    Let's hope we can all be tolerant with each other one day. This mosque brings some hope.
  • Lightspectral PRO 7y

    ein wundervolles Foto....!
  • onggon 7y

  • Clara 7y

    Ciao! Ti invito a postare la tua foto in questo gruppo:

  • Uwe Werner 7y

    Hallo, ich bin der Administrator der Gruppe Berliner Friedhöfe, und wir würden uns freuen, wenn Du dies zu unserer Gruppe hinzufügen würdest.

    Found in a search. (?)
  • Eddi van W. 7y

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  • xe08 7y

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  • ruzmira mesic 6y

    Allahu Ekber!
  • Verity Macdonald 2y

    Hi, I'm Verity, the photo editor at Triptease and I've been scouting Flickr this week for cool photographers. I really like this photo. It's exactly the sort of thing our users love, so I've decided to feature it on our site. Respecting your licensing terms of course, it's fully credited to you and links back here. If you'd like me to take it down just pop me a Flickrmail. Follow the link below to see your photo. Hope you like the platform. We've built it for photographers like you in mind.
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