Trench Section

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    The trench section between the possible Dovecote (on the right) and an exterior wall of a building (on the left). Archaeologists take a lot of care about their sections, trying to ensure that they are straight and clean, as they offer a great opportunity to see a vertical slice through a feature or site (if a baulk or trench edge). When cleaned and photographed (archival photographs are always taken with a scale, unlike here) the section is then drawn to scale (measured off a horizontal line) with different deposits and features illustrated. The location of the section will be added to a scale plan, and levels taken, so it is fully located allowing people to in years to come understand exactly where it was located, and if required, reinterpret the archaeology.

    For more details on the archaeology of Cosmeston head on over to our amazing blog!

    Photo by mattnic.

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