NASA Astronaut Panel Discussion at COSI
On Sunday, November 21, 2010, the fourth annual R. Jack and Forest Lynn Biard Lectureship in Cosmology and Astrophysics, presented by The Ohio State University Center for Cosmology and AstroParticle Physics (CCAPP), was held at COSI in Columbus, Ohio.

"The Future of Human Space Exploration: A Panel Discussion with Luminary NASA Astronauts," was held in COSI's Gallery 2. The discussion featured three famed American astronauts as panelists: Senator John Glenn, Senator Harrison Schmitt, and Dr. John Grunsfeld.

Senator John Glenn flew 59 combat missions in World War II and set a supersonic coast-to-coast airspeed record in 1957. He made history in 1962 as the first American to orbit the Earth aboard the Mercury spacecraft Friendship 7. In 1998, Glenn returned to space aboard Space Shuttle Discovery, becoming the oldest man ever to fly in space.

Senator Harrison Schmitt was the Lunar Module pilot and geologist aboard Apollo 17, the final manned mission to the Moon. He is the only scientist and the last man to step onto the Moon. He has also served as a Senator from the state of New Mexico.

Dr. John Grunsfeld has flown on five Space Shuttle missions, has walked in space eight times, and has serviced the Hubble Space Telescope three times. He is currently the Deputy Director of the Space Telescope Science Institute.

Dr. Kathryn Sullivan, the first American woman to spacewalk and a veteran of three Space Shuttle missions, was also in the audience.

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