2300°: Fire and Wine (January 19, 2012)
At 2300°, things really heat up at the world's most amazing glass museum. Enjoy a unique evening of music, wine, and hot glass at The Corning Museum of Glass.

Glassmaking by Anne Gant
Anne Gant is one of the few glass artists to work on paper. Watch as she uses hot glass to make prints and drawings in a fascinating combination of glassblowing and printing or drawing with glass. First, she sculpts hot glass into shapes and lines. While the glass is still scorching hot from the glory hole, she presses the glass forms into wet sheets of high quality rag paper. Instantly, the glass begins to burn and smoke the paper. In this dramatic process, the glass becomes cracked, scarred and destroyed and all that remains is its mark on the paper.

Live Music by The Weber Brothers
There are bands for which rock and roll is a lifestyle, and then there are bands for which it is life. The Weber Brothers, who have shared the stage with icons like Garth Hudson, Levon Helm, Leon Russell, Derek Trucks and Kris Kristofferson,fuses stomping country rock with the brothers' own love of pop music in all its splendor.

Free Finger Lakes Wine Tastings
Sip away the cold with tastings from Finger Lakes wineries.
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