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Dagger goblet (drawing)

Dagger goblet drawing by Devin (age 14) drawn at The Corning Museum of Glass on July 6, 2006.


Artist's Statement:

"Dagger Goblet Description: The dagger goblet is formed with a large, fluted top; the base of the dagger joins with the goblet, and the handle is used for gripping, with a ridged surface. The blade plunges into the main support structure in a sort of 'King Arthur-esque' scene."


Dagger Goblet Back Story:

"The hurried warrior, rushed—too soon—from his home to flee with all speed to the site of the ill-fated battle ground. In his haste he did not take the time required to properly secure his equipment, so while running the dagger in his ankle sheath slipped out, and sunk into the ground, sticking straight through the stone. An artist passing through the forest in later years marveled at the simplistic beauty of it, and—being a master gaffer—attached a goblet head to it. However, since the warrior to whom it belonged was slain in battle because he was unable to draw out his dagger in defense, any liquid poured into it becomes a most deadly poison, since the dagger is possessed by the spirit of that man who was unable to slay using that dagger in life, so must do so in death, thru this goblet. The artist was much dismayed."

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Uploaded on July 18, 2006