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I hope you enjoy looking at my photos. I changed the original size. Feel free to use them for private use, but only with the copyright-mark on them. If possible, make a link to this site. I like to hear what you think about them. You can mail me at

You can only use my photos for commercial use, when you have my approval.

A list where my photos appeared (apart from the photos on the internet):

- Centrale Bibliotheek Utrecht jan. 1991 (some of my photos were part of the exhibition about 5 years anniversary Ekko)

- Vonpopp 1993 (promo Human Beings)

- Vogon Poetry-cd 1998 (some little photos of the bandmembers on the innersleeve)

- Music Minded-magazine may/june 1998 (concertphoto the Cramps Paradiso 1998)

- P-magazine (Belgium) june 2004 (interview Nona Hendryx with a photo of me) ; the scan of the article is in this set

- Centraal Museum Utrecht june-july 2004 (some photos were part of the exhibition about 50 years of popmusic in Utrecht)

- Aardschok magazine july 2009 (concertphoto Suicidal Tendencies Melkweg Amsterdam june 2009)

My photos on other sites you can find in the LINKS-section on

Some photos were on the internet for some time, but the site doesn't exist anymore:

1. Silent Minority Records jan. 2004 (four photos from the Silent Minority Uproar bandavond Paradiso Amsterdam 21-1-2004: Propeller, Blues Brother Castro, Coparck and We vs. Death were on their website. The website closed down, because the record company doesn't exist anymore)

2. Orphanage (one photo from Tivoli Utrecht 3-2-2000. The website closed down, because the band doesn't exist anymore)

Some of my reviews are part of the LINKS-section of my website. Other written things about music appeared in:

1. Music minded 1998 (concertreviews Junkie XL, Anouk, Soulfly, Limp Bizkit, the Cramps and the Nomads; various albumreviews; article Guano Apes; interview (hed)pe).

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