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Okay well I was tagged so I think I have to write facts about myself? hm


1. I'm finding it extremely hard to even think about fact number one already, I don't like to talk about myself that much.

2. I have depression, but nothing is wrong with me, please don't treat me like I'm sensitive, I hate when people do that.

3. I don't like to deal with my problems so I always have my friends come to me when they need to deal with their problems, I just want the people I love to be happy even if that costs me not being happy.

4. I've fallen in love twice and I'm only 15 years old, I can't wait to fall in love again (I'm kind of a hopeless romantic)

5. I'm obsessed with reading, mostly fiction books, they interest me so so much, my record of the most fastest I read books is 3 books in two weeks, basically once I start reading , I can't stop.

6. I'm lazy, in a bad way too, I get very tired after sitting in my bed for too long so I always have to keep reminding myself to move around a lot, it's gotten better.

7. I'm very social, I talk to almost everyone and I am almost friends with every one, or at least I try to be.

8. I've learned a lot about how people work, I've learned when to stay away, and when to help. Sometimes it becomes very difficult because I want to forgive people so much I always hand out second chances. I need to start learning how to let a lot of people go. I just don't want to loose the ones I love, you know?

9. I'm not afraid of anything, heck I'll dive into -5 degree water, swim with sharks, do anything, I'm kind of a dare devil. But the other part of what I meant is, many girls my age are afraid to fall in love or keep friends because they've hurt them in the past, or have gotten hurt, basically they're afraid of getting hurt, and to tell you the truth I don't understand how you can live like that, afraid of falling in love? afraid of making friends? yeah of course it hurts in the end, but it leaves you with great memories, you need to be able to be fearless in order to live your life to a full extent.

10. I don't believe in god, to tell you the truth I think religion is just a ploy to make people feel better about dying, like they actually have a place to go when they die. I just don't believe that, at all.

11. I trust people to much, sometimes that's an issue, but I kind of open up to a lot of people. I guess I don't mind, I mean if they can't handle what I think then they don't really deserve to be my friend at all.

12. I'm a dork, completely insane. If you spent a day with you'd probably be exhausted, I'm a very crazy girl and I like to keep moving, and sometimes I embarrass my friends, a little too much :)

13. I don't hold back from anything, If I have something on my mind I'll say it whether or not it'll hurt the person or make them feel better, I find it better for someone to know the truth instead of lies. It's a little harsh, but I don't mean to be mean, at allllll.

14. I'm shy at first, when I first meet you i'll be quiet until I know how you talk and work, it's weird especially since I'm usually so loud, but I'm working on it :)

15. I'm a food fanatic, I eat and eat and eat and only weigh 109. Make sure you don't have food when I come over cause all I do is eat, all the time.

16. I'm a people person, strangely I love everyone and think everyone is so beautiful and I wish everyone knew that.


okay I'm not going to write anymore facts, but I'll tag peeps ;)


Have a great day dudes and dudettes !

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Taken on June 23, 2011