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    i had the misfortune of being the target of a disturbed person the other day...he left very disgusting "comments" on my last photo - sorry that people had to see that! i just wanted to thank you all for your support :)

    EDIT: sorry people but the creepy clown is back!!! hope flickr deletes his IP address

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    1. Carol Yepes 69 months ago | reply

      oh! sorry about this!! i had some problems in he past with weird filckr peolpe as well!!!
      congrats! i saw this lovely shot in explore right now!!!!

      Vista en las fotos de explore de mis contactos. (Yo también quiero esto)

    2. nishikabbo :o) 69 months ago | reply

      wow.......awesome bokeh!
      a wonderful capture!!

    3. Bridge ♥ [deleted] 69 months ago | reply

      Oh, I love this ! The colors are so strong and peaceful :)

    4. makeupanid 69 months ago | reply

      Oh dear-so sorry about your stalker!

      lovely shot though-how could anybody spoil your beautiful shots with non beautiful comments?

    5. MissyV110 69 months ago | reply

      he will get bored soon, running from computer to computer, trying to bother people with his inane junk. He's made his cowardly colours known to many, who now see what a whacko he really is. Nutbar.

    6. sunmamma 69 months ago | reply

      so gorgeous!!!!

    7. raehein 69 months ago | reply

      so very beautiful. the soft tones are perfect.

    8. buttonheart / Chloe Price 69 months ago | reply

      ah man, there's always people who have to ruin things.
      as for the photo, this is beautiful!
      it's so delicate and i love the bokeh

    9. sleepy jeanne 69 months ago | reply

      the bokeh is so gorgeous!!

      sorry about the creep :-(

    10. cpham_ 69 months ago | reply

      hi dear, once in a while i get very 'interesting' comments (that kind that makes me want to whack them on the head ;-D) from totally random people too . i hope you dont mind him too much . hugs .

      lovely colors and subdued light here Leslie . have a wonderful week ahead .

    11. "Anwaar 69 months ago | reply

      very beautiful :) as always leslie, dear

    12. GT BraZil 69 months ago | reply

      Great shot my friend!

    13. Miss K.B. 69 months ago | reply

      i wish i'd taken it!!! :)

    14. Emma♥ 69 months ago | reply

      Aww.. so pretty!!

    15. **tomo** 69 months ago | reply

      Oh really??
      I had the same experience on my photostream, maybe the same day!!! :(

    16. /Fathimah 69 months ago | reply

      This is so beautiful!

    17. sim-sim 69 months ago | reply

      I've seen it in explore... well done =)

    18. teresa~ 69 months ago | reply

      So sorry to hear this Leslie. What a loser. So sorry you have to put up with this.
      Beautiful shot.

    19. Chau.D 66 months ago | reply

      beautiful shot! I love the flower <3

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