"In the future, everyone will be an intergalactic bounty hunter for 15 minutes." - Andy Warhol

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    1. Decepticreep 56 months ago | reply

      frakk'in brilliant!

    2. Feroze Alam 56 months ago | reply

      IG-88! zuckass! bossk! dengar!

    3. defekto 56 months ago | reply

      I thought, in the future everyone would be Wilma Martinez for 15 mins.

    4. ivan jurado 56 months ago | reply

      ...PLEASE tell me the wig comes off - that would be awesome!

      Where'd you get the figure? Where can I pick one up???

    5. ARTofCOOP 56 months ago | reply

      Medicom, a japanese company, made them a few years ago. There's a 60's version of Andy as well.

    6. Noe M. Torres 56 months ago | reply

      I want my 15 minutes NOW!!!!
      Hey where's Boba Fet???
      You can't have Intergalactic bountyhunters with out him!

    7. ARTofCOOP 56 months ago | reply

      Boba Fett is a punk! He died like a bitch in the Sarlacc pit...

    8. Noe M. Torres 56 months ago | reply

      Actually Coop I use to feel the same way untill I found out that in the star wars universe Boba Fett is the only person to have survived the belly of the Sarlacc.
      If thats not a mandalorian bad ass I dont know what is!

    9. Feroze Alam 56 months ago | reply

      Very true, those 'universe' books are gold, and canon according to Lucas.
      Fett is redefined in those books as a certified badass (Kevin J Anderson Solo Trilogy is one example). Before reading them, i thought Boba was a pussy too. Even stupid Dengar has his day, IG-88 nearly takes over the universe, who knew? Because the writing is credible, and observes all the rules set up previously, the lore weaves seamlessly into the films we know and love. God bless ebay!

    10. Marshall Astor - Food Fetishist 56 months ago | reply

      Boba Fett totally survived the Sarlacc!

      My first words were "Boba Fett" and I actually got so upset when he got tossed into the Sarlacc that I left the theater in tears ( I think I was six at the time).

    11. ARTofCOOP 56 months ago | reply

      Geez, I actually looked all this stuff up on the Star Wars wiki. I hate how all these characters now have these interconnected soap opera back stories. Total bullshit.

      Next you'll tell me Boba Fett and Lando Calrissian were college roommates, and they won the campus olympics beer bong chug-off, competing against Grand Moff Tarkin and IG-88!

      Sorry, but if it wasn't in the movies, it didn't happen, and I refuse to give Lucas any more of my money to read a book about it.

    12. Marshall Astor - Food Fetishist 56 months ago | reply

      Frankly, I prefer the comics to the movies, because most of the movies sucked so bad. In the original canon, it was considered debatable that Fett could totally be a droid masquerading as a human.

      Lucas should have kept the mask on - Star Wars was better when Fett was a "man" of mystery and not a single dad trying to make his way in the world.

    13. ARTofCOOP 56 months ago | reply

      Lucas' bad instincts summed up in one word: ewoks.

      It's all downhill from there.

    14. Marshall Astor - Food Fetishist 56 months ago | reply

      Agreed, totally agreed, although child Marshall feels that everything sucked the minute that Fett went screaming into the pit. The movie started on such a high note - suicidal threats with thermal detonators, Luke being all serious and slave Leia, but just went downhill. I still haven't seen the re-edit of ROTJ, and if I'm lucky, I never will.

    15. Rodrigo Ruiz j. 56 months ago | reply

      warhol fett.

    16. Ipe Ray [deleted] 56 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Jesus was a communist, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    17. bonniegrrl 55 months ago | reply

      Here's hoping his weapon is a can of soup!

    18. AC BANANAS 55 months ago | reply

      wow! I would kill for that Warhol figure!

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