Snow-Proof Safety Cone Adventures
Snow-Proof Safety Cone was born a protector and encourager of all things safety! Wearing a little ear flaps hat, he stays warm and protected from the snow, so that he can take real delight in protecting YOU from harm or just putting a smile on their face. (He won't take it off in the non-winter months, so don't even ask him to). Sometimes he likes to be protected himself, hence a nudge here and there to put him in your pocket or in a cozy nook. He loves nooks! He also loves books, and that's why he is deserving of his own children's book series...stay tuned!

Once upon a time, a special "roommate" of mine, coming from a small Southern town, needed extra protection from the many challenges of New York. He needed a Safety Cone! And a soft, portable and smiling one at that.

He's an adventurous little bugger though, sometimes finding himself in trouble, but always getting away with it because of his irresistible face. He wears many hats--check 'em all out!

If you want one of your own, check him out on Etsy:

If you know how to crochet, I have the pattern on my blog for FREE:

His up-and-coming website:
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