Wade Hall and Gregg Swem American Quilts Collection
The Wade Hall and Gregg Swem American Quilts Collection at the W.S. Hoole Special Collections Library, The University of Alabama, is a representative cross section of quilts and coverlets from various regions in the United States dating from the mid-nineteenth century to the 2000s. The collection contains examples of numerous traditional styles and techniques, and serves as a valuable resource in better understanding the craftsmanship, artistic talent, and historical and cultural significance of the quilt as a uniquely American artifact.

The Wade Hall and Gregg Swem American Quilts Collection offers researchers, scholars, and students an innovative approach to the study of the some of the most important and admirable characteristics of what is uniquely American. Creative energy, ingenuity, thriftiness, and tradition, all are represented within the quilts themselves. Quilters and other artists have the opportunity to study the works of their fore mothers, much as art students visit museums to study the techniques and styles of the artists whose works they admire and appreciate.


A complete list of the collection with descriptions and some thumbnails is available here: www.lib.ua.edu/libraries/hoole/collections/quilts-list
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