Sand storm in Niger - Africa.

Sand storm in August, North of Agadez - Niger. You feel like the world is coming to an end while the storm comes closer and closer...


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  • World Picture Service 6y

    This is exactly the same phenomenon which I have encountered myself in May 1980 while spending the night in my own vehicle (Renault 4F6) somewhere in Mali before reaching Gao the next day. A big wall of dust! It's actually not all sand. Sand is too heavy to get so high in the air. Sand will be blown up to just about 2/3 meters.
    I had to turn my car to protect the front (the engine!) from real damage caused by sand. Although I parked my car to spend the night at 3 PM already, the neigbourhood turned into pitch black! Stay inside! The sand will harm you definitely! The dust will cause you breathing problems! And wnat about your car? It will damage it anyway! It will be marked for ever by erosion!
    Great picture, for sure!
  • Nisa + Ulli Maier 6y

    we were travelling with a big truck and we covered the windscreen with a tarpaulin during the sandstorm , the storm lasted for about 1 hour, i once got out of the car , just to feel it, it felt like needles and i was quick back inside.
    after the sandstorm came very heavy rain plus bad thunder and lightning, you could see the lightnings striking just in front of the car, into the iron posts along the piste. this lightnings were really scary, but in the car nothing happened,but even this big truck (16 tons) was shaking on every impact
  • Gustavo Asciutti 6y

  • Amalfia 6y

    It looks really scary!
  • Álvaro García 6y

  • ☼ Oluaki ॐ 6y

  • Makis Siderakis 6y

    Stunning !!!!
  • Norbert Righetto 6y

    Amazing..... I know North Niger and the Sahara desert very well, I never saw something like that...
  • Nisa + Ulli Maier 6y

    it was in july or august, just after the border from algeria,with this sandstorm came heavy rainand thunderstorm , that lasted for some hours, the next day was bright clear and sunny again.
  • Janne Parviainen 6y

    Wow, Amazing shot!
  • Riccardo Pesaresi 6y

    !!!!!!! Splendida !!

    fila indiana by rik58
  • Norbert Righetto 6y

    I will go there in April and I hope the weather will be good!!! :-))
  • Andy Kennelly 6y

    I like this shot!
  • Ed 5y

    Utterly stunning. Needs to be seen big! Wonderful image. The colors are especially good.
  • Mark William Brunner 5y

    I have been in a sandstorm in n. Mali but at night mostly so we did not see it coming. I really like your whole photostream, great work!
  • Nisa + Ulli Maier 5y

    thanks for all the comments, the colours were really like this, not much photoshopped, it took a while ( 15 minutes...) until we were utterly engulfed of this storm, and it lasted for about 2 hours, ending in a big thunderstorm!!!!
  • Mohamed Seeneen 5y

    wow thts some raw power .. we are so tiny and little
    its a grate shot
  • Laura 5y

    awesome capture and powerful shot! sounds like a scary experience.

    Thanks for stopping by
    ...-Wink's Place-...
  • Büro Hirzberger 5y

  • Persodan 4y

    Wonderfull ...

    Les ombres de sable
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