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Do Android Models Dream of Nikko Blue Handbags?

Model: Eva

Part of the AZ Wonders model shoot. We all met up at the Fair Trade Cafe.


I like various elements in the image... The palate of colors, her gaze, the proximity of the handbag to the model, the hand and sunglasses, the leg position and it's connecting the grass to the brick and concrete, the tattoo on her hand, the folds in the skirt and blouse, the texture of the hair, the grass, the brick, the concrete, the leather of the handbag, and the shoes, I love the shoes.



• Nikon SB800 @ 1/2 power in a shoot through umbrella, fired with Pocket Wizards.


Photoshop: Yes, plenty.

The bag was borrowed from another image (frame #2908) where I had the model lightly grasping the handle, so I had to rebuild a small bit of the handle where her fingers were covering part of it. The composition was bit tighter on that frame (#2908) so I scaled the bag to fit, using the bricks as a guide I was able to get the bag exactly to scale.


Originally the bag was above her head in this image (frame #2873), so I borrowed the concrete above her head and to the left (from frame #2908) and scaled it as well using the edge of the concrete and brick as a guide; I had to rebuild some of the brick around that area (not a big deal). About 60% of the grass was cloned in and blended. I brushed in a slight Hue and Saturation layer for the concrete at about 20% to give it a slight blue tone to match the overall feel with the clothing, shoes, and handbag.


I tried several variations with desaturating the background area about 40% which also looked nice, but I like this version. I also made a version with three blue triangles pointing to the bag and the type "Do Android Models Dream of Nikko Blue Handbags?" on the image


The Title: it's an homage to the science fiction novel by Philip K. Dick, "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" which was the basis for the movie Blade Runner (one of my favorite movies of all time) and looking at the photo, Eva reminded me of the Daryl Hannah character Pris.


Nikko Blue is the color of a Hydrangea, similar to the color of the clothing and the handbag.


Learn how to light at Strobist.


Coogan Photo - Model Mayhem #518290

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Taken on April 5, 2008