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    1. stelj [deleted] ages ago | reply

      The intensity is in their eyes, but their body language is so kitten-ish and cute. Another great photo of them!!

      Voices in the Wilderness ~ Endangered Species ~ Extinction is Forever Voices in the Wilderness: a prayer for wild things

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    2. libbylou1300 ages ago | reply

      Great shot!

    3. Wenspics ages ago | reply

      They are always wanting to pounce aren't they?

    4. conwest_john ages ago | reply

      Thank you, stelj. On some shots, like the one where they're tree-climbing, they look pretty big - but on others, including one I got Saturday, they look as small and kittenish as they did when I first saw them. Thanks for the invite too.
      Thank you, libbylou1300. I wish they liked to laze about in the sun like the lions do - rather than in the shade all the time.
      Thank you, Wenspics. If zebras smelled as good to you as they do to them, you'd be wanting to pounce all the time too. Just to keep in practice.

      Very much appreciated.

    5. sevgi_durmaz ages ago | reply

      I Couldn't think, to be dangerious animals them:)

    6. conwest_john ages ago | reply

      Thank you, sevgi. Are you talking about the zebras living so close to the cheetahs? I think they're used to it by now - but if the zebras can think, it's probably mostly about the cheetahs - when spring fever hasn't got a grip on them. Very much appreciated.

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