Vintage Dutch Decals

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    1. in pastel 67 months ago | reply

      Ohhh, these are very nice. i'd want to use them.

    2. Wyld_Hare 67 months ago | reply

      These are wonderful! Where did you find them? Do you know what company made them? Do I ask too many questions?

    3. contrarymary 67 months ago | reply

      in pastel Thanks Barbara, I will use them at some point.

      Wyld_hare Hi Jane, Of course not, LOL! I got them at a garage sale awhile ago, they are meyercord decals. After seeing your beautiful crafting area and the great job you did on your pegboard, I'm embarrassed to tell you I'm kind of using Flickr right now as a huge filing cabinet for all the bits and pieces I love, that keep getting lost in the shuffle. And how is that for a long run on sentence?! Now I bet you are sorry you asked! Seriously, please use them if you want to, that is another reason I post this stuff!

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