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Portland-based Designer-craftsman Laurie Herrick created widely recognized weavings from the 1940s until her death in 1995. This retrospective exhibition explores weaving as a living craft. Selected drafts by Herrick will be available on the web for artists worldwide to interpret and share via Flickr. Five contemporary artists will participate in Museum residencies, creating personal responses to Herrick’s patterns and adding to this traveling exhibition.


Pam Patrie (April 5–16)
Mackenzie Frère (May 3–14)
Christy Matson (May 24–June 4)
Elizabeth Whalen (June 21–July 2)
Deborah Valoma (July 5–16)

Deborah Valoma: Artist-in-Residence

Deborah Valoma:...

58 photos

Christy Matson: Artist-in-Residence

Christy Matson:...

29 photos

Pam Patrie: Artist-in-Residence

Pam Patrie:...

35 photos