David Cameron makes a statement on the result of the general election

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    Leader of the Conservative Party David Cameron during his statement about the result of the general election at the St Stephens Club, London, Friday May 7, 2010. Photo By Andrew Parsons

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    1. Skagit Imagery [deleted] 60 months ago | reply

      You did amazing PM-elect Cameron. I just hope you give the Lib Dems a free vote on that silly proportional representation idea of theirs so you Brits can get on w/ life.

      Also please, Mr. Prime Minister make Heather Brooke a Knight! Lady Newsbrooke just seems so right...

    2. farouq_taj 60 months ago | reply

      Great framing with Churchill in the background.

    3. okubax 60 months ago | reply

      The earlier Cameron forms a new, responsible Government, the better. Good photo shot with big man himself in the background

    4. imspiller 60 months ago | reply

      Really impressed with your words. . . as a true conservative supporter i wish we could have won outright. . . however a unique opportunity now lies in front of us to change our political system forever. . . at least allow a referendum on PR so the people have a say. . .

    5. Garry D Parker 60 months ago | reply

      Lovely picture symbolising that the time has come for another great Liberal - Conservative Prime Minister. David has to become the best we've had in Britian since Winstoin Churchill, so go for it this weekend!

    6. granbasher 60 months ago | reply

      Good luck with today's talk with Mr Glegg. I don't think it will be a bad idea. I can't wait to see you move into Downing Street. You belong to number 10. I have been saying a prayer for you every day and night that you will make it there and I trust the Lord will help you get there. I think you are special and Britain could have it's own Obama. I also trust you with my heart, I can trust Nick as well, but I certainly do not trust Gordon. I have absolutely no faith in him whatsoever and believe it is time for him to pack his bags.

    7. Oxfordshire Churches 60 months ago | reply

      Cometh the hour, cometh the man . . .

    8. Lochduart 60 months ago | reply

      What a loser, Lady Thatcher must be disgusted that such an inferior Europhile is leading this once great British party.

    9. jezza_belle1 [deleted] 60 months ago | reply

      A great leader in the background and a new great leader in the foreground.

      Congratulations, Mr Cameron, you have saved this country from the awful, hateful, contemptable experiment that was New Labour. Here's hoping that the opposition get the message and let the proper, decent people of the Conservative party run this country properly and get things back on their feet.

      I hope this coilition with the Liberals is something that we can all have trust in.

      Good Luck Mr Cameron, I am delighted for you and I wish you every success!

    10. Pit Pony 210 60 months ago | reply

      Great framing of Churchills' portrait in the back of shot

    11. Bob Farrell (honestly) 60 months ago | reply

      Remember what Churchill did to the Irish. Google Black & Tans

    12. welshdaffodil 60 months ago | reply

      Josef of Skagit Imagery --we don't have lady Knights--she would be made a Dame.

      Good Luck to David Cameron--he seems a great man already--he's also good-looking!

    13. jezza_belle1 [deleted] 59 months ago | reply

      @welshdaffodil - I agree, Mr Cameron is handsome.

    14. bowie_boy1966 59 months ago | reply

      Glad your vote counted for you David and Samantha but mine certainly didn't and never will do until we have the Single Transferrable Vote. A referendum on the Alternative Vote is just appeasment. Next time try winning under a TRULY fair voting system instead of First Past The Post which gave the Conservatives 47% of the seats in exchange for 36% of the vote.
      No more excuses for this convenient status quo please - change it now!

    15. Moldovia 51 months ago | reply

      Churchill - the man who crossed the Commons just so that he could gain poliical power, what a loser. He is nothing compared with the great Cromwell.

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