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Day 192/365 - Goodbye Mushi! :(



I will be selling Mushi within the next few days and she will go to a new owner, so sad. I got her last year in July and she was completely stock. I came from a stock DC4 integra as my first car and man....that thing was pretty slow. No torque at all. I sold that DC and wanted to get a car that was AWD and I've always loved the way that Subaru's sound. I looked at about 4-5 different WRX's before I decided that I wanted to get this one. The other ones were grimy, dirty and didn't look like the owners really cared about the car. This one though....Interior was spotless, engine was clean and the body was extremely clean except for a few blemishes and rock chips. But what can you expect when buying a car with 120K miles on it? Exactly. I lowered the price from the owner a lot until I got a price that I thought was good and a price that he agreed on. We met up the next day and I gave him cash. I sat in the driver seat and it was a feeling I can't describe.. Being able to buy my own car and sit in the seat for the first time...Starting the engine and hearing the boxer purr for the first time as a driver is something I can't forget. I drove out of the parking lot we were in and couldn't help but be giddy with the gas. I was smashing through every gear, red lining it all the way up past 100mph. (Sorry dad, I had to write it) As soon as I got home....I didn't want to leave my car. I decided to turn around and cruise around for another hour. I got home and everyone in my family heard me roll up. Everyone came out to see and they were impressed! What they didn't know was that I was going to modify it to my liking...Which isn't really what they like haha.


First, I wanted wheels. I didn't really know much about the fitment scene but I saw some specs that my buddy had and I got some wheels with similar specs. The tires were 245/40/18 on 18x9.5's, slight stretch but definitely not enough. I tore up the tires and pieces were slinging off while I was driving. I could smell the burning rubber whenever I opened up my window. Not bueno. Next....I got coilovers. Springs were not stiff enough and I wanted to be "a little bit lower, but not too low." The same guy I got my specs from for my wheels, he recommended that I get BC coilovers...I took his advice and immediately got them. My friend from Burien helped me install them and I thought it was at a good height...I was wrong. As soon as I got home.. I got new tires. I asked my buddies what size I should get and they said... 235 if you don't want to go that low or 225's if you want to go pretty low. Of course, I got the 235's because I didn't want to slam my car. I had the 235's and I was rubbing tire off like crazy..No bueno, again. I kept having the urge to go lower...My dad always told me I shouldn't do that because I won't be able to get up the driveway or over speedbumps...But did I listen? Nope! I lowered it more. I could no longer have 235's so I went ahead and got 225/40's....That got me where I wanted to be low-wise...I thought. I was not satisfied and had to go lower...My buddy came over one day and we took apart my coilovers and took out two collars on each side. I got sideskirt strakes and aeroguards which made my car look a lot better. I also got a front lip, koji mod on my headlights, tinted the windows, new fogs, exhaust, 04-05 taillights, debadged and a new grill. I'm more of an exterior modifier, I like my cars to look good. Low and slow, that's how I like em. I drove to Cali, Oregon, all over Washington for photoshoots and within a couple months.. My tires were completely bald. That is no bueno. Because I needed new tires and I was going to sell the car soon....I decided to go another size down. I got 215/35/18's and my car dropped another 1/2 inch all around. Because I thought I was going to sell it within a couple days after getting the tires..I raised it a bit so it would be driveable. The collars were put in and it was comfortable to drive. After they flaked...I was a little bit angry and there was a car meet coming up. I wanted to dump my car and because I had 215/35 series tires...I would be able to go the lowest I can possibly go with my wheel/tire/suspension setup. Took out the collars again and slammed the car. I would change lanes and hit all of the turtles that were dividing, it felt amazing. Not being able to get into my driveway.....With my bumper off, felt good. But now....She's moving on to another owner.


So many memories with this car..... I was a part of a new community. I was a part of the Subaru community, people would wave at me and throw up a peace sign. I went to car meets and hung out with amazing people. Met tons of new friends and the experience was one of the best. I was asked to be a part of the LowerClassMen Crew, some guys I will never forget. Though I won't be repping LCM with my car...I'll always be apart of the crew and hopefully when I'm in Japan, I'll out-do my Subaru. Time will tell. I was also asked to be apart of the OOF! crew, some awesome guys. Same deal with the LCM crew, I'll always rep. Selling this car is just opening up other opportunities. I was featured on HellaFlush, Canibeat, and a bunch of other sites. My photography became more known and people knew my who I was just because they've seen my photos. This car wasn't just a car.....It was a part of me. I'm extremely sad to see her go but I have to.


Because I'm selling Mushi...I will buy two or 3 new lenses and I'll have some money to go to Tokyo with. I am going to leave for Japan around August 15th and I will be gone for 4 years most likely, depending on how everything goes. If all goes well and according to plan, I should have an R32 within one year. I will stance it out and make sure I get it as low as possible.. LowerClassMen and OOF! crew will be represented internationally, just stay posted.


Mushi, I'll miss you.


Camera Info:

Canon 5D Mark 2

Canon 50mm f/1.2L


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Have an amazing day.


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Taken on July 11, 2011