How 2 Today at Maker Faire
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Tapetricity cards was the main project for the How 2 Today booth at Maker Faire Bay Area 2013.

In this project, participants were invited to make a drawing first. Then they said where they would like to add the LED lights. After that, they added aluminum tape, and a coin cell battery, bridged with a bit of aluminum. Everything was held together with adhesive tape.

This project was successful with kids, some as young as three or four, but many appeared to be of elementary school age. They were able to build electric circuits without any of the burdens commonly associated with electricity: expense, safe operation of soldering irons, challenging assembly of bread board circuits.

The parents were able to allow their kids to do the project with minimal assistance, and some parents joined in by making their own light up pictures.

Mostly, they made greeting cards, folding the sheet of paper in half, drawing the picture on the front, and building the circuit behind the image on the inside.

This project took a little bit of persistence, as some of the circuits were a bit challenging to get working properly. The LEDs needed to be securely taped to the aluminum, which didn't always happen with young hands.

What was most innovative about this project was the simplicity and ease of manipulating the materials. Just about everybody has experience making drawings, which provides the first part of the project, and from there, the steps are easy to accomplish.

Over the two days of Maker Faire, approximately 300 people made Tapetricity Cards.

It was great to have the help of Tamara Clammer assisting on this project. At the beginning of her time, she had no experience working with electricity, and after a full day at the table, she was excited to try more with electric circuits.
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