No Gas Car Sept 11

Back in 2002, when faced with the choice of driving to work or not on September 11th, I decided that it would be more appropriate for me to ride my bike. I figured that it would be a fitting way of recognizing the people who lost their lives on September 11, 2001. By not using fossil fuel to transport myself, I figure that I am raising my own awareness of my own dependence on foreign oil, and keeping my eye out for other ways to get around.

There has been a bit of inconvenience at times: torrential rainpour on the ride home from work a few years ago, and picking up my daughter at a playdate a few towns away on the bike was kind of tough. Each time, though I am confirmed that this is a valuable experience. It has seemed a small price to pay compared to the inconvenience that others have faced living without their family members.

This initiative has few rules: Don't drive a gasoline powered car. Electric drive vehicles would be perfectly acceptable. Public transportation would be acceptable. Carpooling would be ok. Driving solo in a less fuel efficient vehicle would be worse.

I have told people about this project a few times, and have received a positive response. I have thought of preannouncing my intentions in the local paper, and have also thought of posting a sign on my back on September 11 so that people can become a bit more aware of the idea.

If you would like to join me in riding to work each year, then come along. If you have some project ideas that we can work on to help raise awareness, then bring it on.
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