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Ground nut (peanut) soup

A colourful soup! It usually does not have green, but I have added swiss chard as a variation. Basic recipe:


- heat tablespoon of oil in the pot

- dice one cooking onion, saute in pot

- add 2 cups brown rice

- add teaspoon thyme

- add teaspoon hot pepper flakes

- stir until warm

- add large can of whole tomatoes; mash down with potato masher

- add stock of your choice to cover (I added low sodium vegetable stock)

- heat through to boiing

- add 3/4 cup crunchy organic peanut butter

- add more liquid (stock, water, tomato juice) to make soupy

- simmer on low heat for an hour

- add more spice (thyme and pepper flakes) and peanut butter to taste

- simmer at least until rice is cooked through

- keep adding liquid as needed. I used a whole box of stock plus lots of water

- add more spice as needed. I boosted the heat with a good helping of hot pepper sauce

- dice and add one red bell pepper towards the end of cooking (about the last 15 minutes). I also added the swiss chard at this time.


Serve out in bowls, give a good dusting of thyme.


Enjoy! I am interested to know any variations.


November 2011: I have reduced the recipe to 1/2 cup brown rice and 1/2 cup peanut butter to reduce the calories.


Another variation: spinach or kale (instead of chard). I have also added other vegetables such as eggplant and sundried tomatoes quite successfully. The more veggies you add, the more nutritional content!

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Uploaded on February 14, 2008