3d pan white


This is a "MACRO - MINIATURE" Painting.


Acrylic on Board, 8" x 10" (20.3 cm. x 25.4 cm.) (sold)


This is the forth "Macro-Miniature" (BIG LITTLE) painting I've done. I'm able to complete my ideas in small spaces. I can only do these while I'm not working on commissions. It allows me to achieve a balance. I can keep a little more objectivity about my larger paintings when I go into these. (And I do "GO" into them!)


I have quite a collection of lenses now. Starting at 2.50 up to 700%. The smallest brush I use is an 18/0 script.


... Obsessive? Probably ;) Obsessive is okay with me.


These ( BIG-LITTLE) paintings are becoming more dreamlike. The ideas start with something simple like a cliff and a body of water. The other parts of the painting come to me in dreams or daydreams, or thoughts. Or, they just appear, and I capture them with the little brush, as fast as I can, before they elude me.


Maybe I'm sinking into this little "Microcosmic Universe", (Thank you, R. A. Heinlein!) ... like the "Incredible Shrinking Man", a film from the 1950's.


I do seem to be shrinking sometimes. Metaphorically speaking. My world is very small. If my computer crashes I panic and pray to the electronics Gods as I re-boot. "OH, PLEEEASE DO NOT CUT ME OFF FROM MY WORLD DEAR GOD!!!"


... Is that pathetic?


No, I don't think so ... ;)

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Uploaded on April 23, 2008