3d pan white


Acrylic on Canvas 18" x 24" (45.7 cm. x 60.9 cm.) completed in March 2008


With this painting I've returned to color. Unlike my last 6 paintings, in which I used a very simple and dark palette, this time I've used a colorful cartoon comic book style. The use of abstract forms in the factory and cartoonish images for the objects in the foreground was a 'kick' and a challenge. I wanted to make representations of death, pollution and fear using colorful and merry imagery. In this painting I've continued to paint what's on my mind concerning Earth pollution, Global warming and mass extinction, (including our own).


It's a big colorful painting that draws your attention with smiling skulls and happy colors. It's my hope that when you look more closely, you will realize that you are looking at a picture of death heads with bar codes, (representing loss of individuality) and a polluting factory. I hope that will trigger addition thoughts on those subjects.


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Uploaded on March 23, 2008