Gabriele NEFF presents Congress activities to the Special Permanent Committee of the Regions of the Hellenic Parliament
Gabriele NEFF (Germany, ILDG), Chair of the Congress Current Affairs Committee, addressed the Special Permanent Committee of the Regions of the Hellenic Parliament, on 31 August 2017, in Athens, Greece. She highlighted the recent Congress report “From reception to integration: the role of local and regional authorities facing migration” to which the Greek delegation had made a substantial contribution. “We must ensure a coherent international legal framework, more solidarity, an efficient collaboration with civil society and a balanced distribution of tasks between the different levels of government”, she said. Mrs NEFF welcomed the efforts made by Greece in this regard and mentioned as a good example the “Education passport” launched by the Greek authorities for refugees and asylum seekers. The Congress is pursuing its work in this area with two reports to be adopted in March 2018: one on refugee children and minors and another one on border regions facing migration flows. Gabriele NEFF also presented Congress’ work regarding children’s rights, in particular the Pact of Towns and Regions to stop sexual violence against children, signed on 31 August 2017, by Rena DOUROU, Governor of the Attica Region, and George IOAKEIMIDIS, Mayor of the City of Nikaia-Rentis.
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