Charles Gesmar 1900 - 1928
Charles Geismar (pronounced "Gesmar")
French Poster Artist and Costume Designer
Born: May 21, 1900
Died: February 27, 1928

Charles Geismar, simply known as Gesmar, was one of the greatest designers of costumes and posters during the golden age of the Paris music hall and was primarily renowned for his work for the great Parisian star Mistinguett. Although his tenure was short, his output was prolific and his creativity and talent unrivaled.

Angelo Luerti's book Charles Gesmar 1900-1928 contains a biography of the artist, 230 photographs and historical documents, a window on the historical and cultural context of those years, a catalogue of all Gesmar's graphic art including 60 posters and 50 programs covers each illustrated with analytical cards, a selection of 50 of his costume designs, illustrations from entertainment magazines, and the chronologies of Gesmar's contributions.

Hardback and case covered in silk, 24x34cm, 192pp, text in Italian and French, 90 Euro.

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