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Ah, The South...

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I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the title of this fast food restaurant in Augusta, Georgia. You would never see such a blatantly sexist name in California - at least not since the '50's or so. But when I brought it up to the training class at the Augusta office, they couldn't understand why I'd be offended. I had to explain to them, "the implication is that only wives cook dinner so by taking the family out to dinner you're saving the wife from working." The response? "Well, you are." [Smacks Hand On Forehead]

  1. dakgirl1 104 months ago | reply

    Ha ha (mirthless laughter).

  2. virgo200745 104 months ago | reply

    Well caught, this is so funny in a quaint old-fashioned way!

  3. smokejmt 103 months ago | reply

    Ahh... us quirky Americans...

  4. PhotoDu.de / CreativeDomainPhotography.com 103 months ago | reply

    This kind of sexism is still present throughout our culture. Ever notice that only women are seen in ads for cleaning products?

  5. Comtesse DeSpair 103 months ago | reply

    Oh, yes - I notice that. Believe me, I notice that!!!! It makes my blood boil. And I also get angry with the sexism inherent in children's toys. Like only the girls can play with dolls and only the boys can play with cars. It's all so annoying.

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