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The Elderly - A Hidden Threat

There is a hidden menace lurking at every airport, waiting to unleash its fury on the traveling public. Elderly people in wheelchairs pose a very serious threat to the safety of airline passengers. Any person over the age of 85 must be thoroughly screened, x-rayed, backscattered, patted down, swabbed, and examined so they do not smuggle anything moist onto the plane. This man was 90 if he was a day. He couldn't hear very well and did not understand why the TSA lady was pawing through his things. He was visibly upset and thought he wasn't going to be allowed to fly.


Why are we wasting our tax dollars swabbing this man's liniment and shaving foam? I know I feel safer knowing the geezers are getting body cavity searches at Sky Harbor.

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Taken on April 25, 2007