VELOGICAL Framebuilder Dynamo Mounts Front
FRAMEBUILDER Standard Dynamo Mount front for VELOGICAL

Designing bicycles can be a passion being a stickler for details and precision engineering.
In this sense, Velogical´s customer Sven Knoblich from Kassel in northern Hessen/Germany may be regarded as a kind of jewellery designer for bicycle enthusiasts. Integrating our Velogical rim-dynamo, the Sport model, into his latest randonneur bicycle project, he didn´t hesitate to make a manufactory interface with the potential to be copied by other fine art frame builders or OEMs. We are pround to present his making-of photo series and we invite you to have a look at his artwork as a painter for bicycle frames (nickname "Knobi" at forum rennrad-news):
contact information for Sven Knoblich on Facebook:
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