First Nation Song Unveiling
Professional Development presentation 15 February 2019 at the Georges P. Vanier Secondary gymnasium for a cultural presentation, Calling in the Circle And Sharing Our Gifts.
During the event, a unique cultural experience was celebrated with the unveiling of a song commissioned by Comox Valley Schools, Am’lala sa Kumuxse – an original First Nation song -created by Indigenous singer/songwriter William Wasden Jr. (also referred to as Wak̕analagalis).
Fifty students from Ecole Puntledge Park and Queneesh Elementary students performed the song with the Comox Valley Schools Song Keepers during the ceremony to an audience of approximately 250 participants including local dignitaries and educators from school districts throughout the province.
The event began with speaking engagements from Chief Wedlidi Speck, a member of the Namgis First Nation in Alert Bay, BC and head chief of the Gixsam namima (clan) of the Kwagul tribe; and Monique Gray Smith, award-winning Canadian author who writes on the topic of resilience of Indigenous communities including Speaking Our Truth.
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