1st Workshop on Classical Electromagnetism
As the theory of one of the four fundamental forces known to physicists, electromagnetism has its own rightful place in the studies of physics. Yet, electromagnetism is often found to be most challenging. Problems involving electromagnetism are often mathematically more demanding and non-algorithmic in nature. Intense vector calculus is required for studying the topic.

Considering interest of many, Community of Physics organized a five day workshop. The workshop covered both electrostatics & magnetostatics and the sacred laws of electrodynamics: the Maxwell’s equations, including required mathematical demands. The workshop was basically designed for university students but was kept open for all. The workshop is totally free for the audience.

The event of the workshop was held in Udvash Academic and Admission Care, 5 English Road, Dhaka. Governing body of the organization voluntarily supported us providing the venue. Starting from July 12, 2016, the workshop lasted for five days. There were back-to-back sessions of eight hours each day, with one-hour lunch break. Intense topics, even with this long exposure, couldn't break the enthusiasm of the participants. The workshop ended through a certificate giving and closing ceremony on July 17, 2016.

We express our gratitude to all the presenters for their well-organized presentations and their sleepless hard works for preparing them. Special thanks to Odhimatrik, Physics Club of Udvash, for their kind support. We are most thankful to the governing body of Udvash Academic and Admission Care. Without their kind help, this workshop wouldn’t be possible.
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