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Mission 6.2 'Holocron Hunting on Geonosis' | by --[Shock]--
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Mission 6.2 'Holocron Hunting on Geonosis'

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Blood. There was lots of it. It was fucking hell.


I woke and I saw the sun. It blinded my eyes with warmth, with energy. Pain seared through my head and I started to have difficulty breathing. I grasped my jaw and yanked it the left to set it back into place. The scent of copper was heavy in the air. I took pleasure in pain, that is why I'm full of solace. I looked ahead 12 m. in front and I see a human figure. It was badly wounded. Its leg was off set and the sand around it was soaked in crimson. It was 'Blaze'. I slowly jogged over to his body and carefully flipped his body over.


"Hel, help me," he studdered.


I lifted him off the ground and I dragged across the desert. I received a new mission objective over my built in data readings. It was Trax's voice.


"Okay boys, well done on taking down those guns. But a new matter has come up, the Rebels have secured the catacomb entrances. They slipped in whilst we were focussed on the bugs. Out of the three catacomb entrances, two can still be retaken. You will rendezvous with the members of your groups and storm the entrances and secure them, you will encounter minor geonisian resistance, but heavy Rebel Resistence. Once secured we can look into wintering the catacombs and getting the holocron. I already know how to kill the bugs and the rebels so don't worry about that."


"Well done taking done those guns! I almost got killed because you sent me in there only with one other man!" I sarcasticly intoned.


In my head I was thinking about the catacombs. A shiver went through my body which rattled my legs and arms causing 'Blaze' to awake.


"What happened?" he questioned.


"You were knocked out. That's what happened. I have carried and dragged now to about 2 clicks away from the catacombs. Here lets take a break before we make it there. The Rebel Alliance will be around the entrances in order to blockade us from stealing the Holocron."


After 2 hours off silence 'Blaze' lifted himself off the ground and continued on in the direction of the catacombs. I stood up as well and tagged along behind him. We meet along this cliff with many other Blue Team members awaiting the arrival of the others in order to overwhelm the Rebels about .5 clicks away from the catacombs. One of the higher ranking authorities of Blue Team handed me a pair of macrobinoculars and said, "Take a look for yourself."


I peared through them to see Rebels milling through old Clone Wars trenchs used to protect the catacombs. Some were searching for any sign of us, talking and socializing, and setting up auto turrets and informing squadrons of troops positions to assume in the trenches. "Easy enough," I said. "When do we strike?"


"30 minutes tops," the officer replied.


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Taken on August 27, 2012