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Project 366 #96: 050412 The Edge Of Space | by comedy_nose
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Project 366 #96: 050412 The Edge Of Space

Do you remember this one? A few years ago we put a SAN into the server rack at work.


We've done well, but the problem of storage is one that never, ever goes down. The problem is the sheer volume of 'stuff' and the difficulty in differentiating between what you need to keep and what you don't.


Eric Schmidt liked to pimp the idea that we create as much data every two days as we did from the dawn of civilisation through to 2003.


Is it true? Who knows. I think it's possible if we bear in mind what we're storing. We store everything. Usually twice. And so do other people. How many copies do you think exist of any email you send? One in your sent folder and one in your recipients inbox is just the tip of the iceberg.


Anyway, I digress. We're running out of space, and because little Sally who is now 18 really wants to keep the 'All About Me' Powerpoint Presentation she created when she was 11, we needed to augment.


The photo shows the storage array with an additional external storage box. The top one is populated with 750Gb drives, and the lower one with 12 1Gb drives. Let's see how many days that takes to fill up. :)

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Taken on April 5, 2012