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Project 366 #59: 280212 Days Gone By... | by comedy_nose
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Project 366 #59: 280212 Days Gone By...

Remember these? Yeah, I'm sure you've still got some kicking round the house.


This is, of course, a VHS video cassette.


It first hit the market in 1976, and was devised by the Victor Company of Japan - that's JVC to you and me.


In the modern context, they're bulky and unfriendly, but in their day they were compact and convenient.


The cassettes themselves are fairly clever, including tamper resistant protective shutters and spool brakes to prevent accidental despooling whilst out the machine.


The really interesting innovation came in the mid eighties, when JVC introduced Hi-fi Stereo. This added a separate soundtrack to the tape, whilst retaining the original linear soundtrack for full backwards compatability.


What was spectacular though was the quality. This technology gave a full 20Hz to 20kHz frequency response, with a signal to noise ratio of 70db - unheard of in home consumer recording at the time. It also maintained the quality when run at slower tape speeds.


Why didn't we make more use of it at the time? I can't remember.


But do know what really dates this cassette? Look closely and you'll see it says "Made in England".


That's something you don't see very often any more.


Oh, context! I've been converting an old video tape to digital for use in the classroom.

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Taken on February 28, 2012