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Project 365 #117: 270411 Be Prepared? | by comedy_nose
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Project 365 #117: 270411 Be Prepared?

I took lots of photos in work today, but none that I can share with you, so here's a late grab.


This is the First Aid Box that I keep in the boot of my car (hence its rather bedraggled appearance).


Unfortunately, whilst I remembered to take it out of old car, I neglected to put it into new, so I've just dug it out the garage.


I discovered this fact this morning when stopping to render assistance to a bloke who had come off his push bike and said he'd been hit by a car and rolled over the top of it.


The state of his bike (undamaged) and the smell of his breath (brewery) suggested he came off because he was half cut.


It got stranger. As well as being a casualty he was also a young gay guy with a massive chip on his shoulder (maybe with just cause - Liverpool has an active gay scene but Breck Road is a long, long way from Brighton in every sense) and he was lamenting the tragic state of humanity because not a single car stopped to help him. The fact that I had seemed to have escaped his attention.


So moved was he by my selfless humanitarian act that he decided that what he really needed to turn his life around was my phone number.


He didn't get it. As the old cider lager ads used to run...time for a sharp exit!

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Taken on April 27, 2011