Project 365 #141: 210510 ¡Hay Niebla!

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    Another long day in work, and so horrifically, horribly, crushingly hot. My office is like an oven, and although warm the outdoor temperature wasn't massively high. God help me when when it gets really hot.

    Anyhow, after such a lousy day, I forgot to upload my photo right up until I'd just shut my computer down, and I was in no mood to reboot. Fortunately I'd taken my photo first thing not long after I'd left the house.

    We woke up to a very peculiar morning fog (which should trigger off a particularly memorable Eberhard Weber fretless bass line in the heads of Kate Bush fans). I think the humidity must have hung around which contributed to making the day so bloody stifling.

    My apologies for random Spanish in the title, but it's a tribute to my kid brother's secondary education. In many of his history lessons several member of the class would perform synchronised forward rolls before leaping up and shouting "¡hay niebla!", in a sequence known as the 'Rooney Roll' (named after the class teacher, not the footballer). Why they should want to shout "it's foggy" in the middle of a classroom is utterly beyond me, but it all adds to the Pythonesque quality of the tale.

    Happy Saturday. :)

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    1. Vik_O 58 months ago | reply

      Great photo! Had the same effects as I was heading to work, but I didn't think to take a photo...

      I'm loving the back-story - Dr Rooney I presume - the RoonDoc? Not many teachers I know who would take that in their stride...

    2. comedy_nose 58 months ago | reply

      That's the man - one of a kind! The legend was that he changed his middle name by deed poll to 'Bismarck'. That sounds true to me.

    3. Vik_O 58 months ago | reply

      Yes that is one I'd heard also and as you say it is totally believable...

    4. Keith Williamson 58 months ago | reply

      Now you see, those were the days when teachers were characters and not just National Curriculum clones. ¡Mola!

    5. FloraandFauna_2 58 months ago | reply

      Nice feel to the photo,quite evocative!

    6. jublke9 36 months ago | reply

      Thanks for posting! I used this picture to illustrate a poem on my blog:

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